Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My new cushion bed

It's so comfort,I fell asleep immediately.

Hey,I got a new cushion bed from yoshi pa & ma.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 1st shower

My 1st shower,I was scared @ 1st.

Mama ask papa to hold me up for a quick snap.

See how skinny I look with my wet fur.

Mama & papa has to work together just to dry me. Now I'm all dry & clean. See the hair dryer besides me,I'm no longer scared of the sound.

See me after my 1st jab

I went for my 1st jab on 13 Dec'07,the doctor told mama that I will be sleepy but look at me.

My 1st toy

This is my 1st toy from my godpa (yoshi pa). I like it very much :)

I look good,don't I?

Mama has to snap these photo really fast cause I'm always run around. But boy do I look good or what?

I'm so tiny

Mama brought me to her sister's place & decided to put me in her niece's sand bucket.

1st photo shot

One of the 1st few photos mama took when I came.


Shhh......I'm sleeping........

Me sleeping......

I'm always sleeping when I came into the family.

My elder brother & sister

This is my elder brother Zinny,he's a mini pincsher,both his hind legs are too weak to support him so papa has fixed him wheels.He may looks funny but he sure can run fast.

This is my elder sister Lady,she's alocal cross breed,she 's like a mummy to me.I missed her when she goes for her walk.I can't wait to grow up so I can take walks with her.

Hello everyone

Greetings everyone,my name is cola,I came into my papa & mama's life on 18 Nov '07. I was 2 mth old when I enter the family.I have a elder brother Zinny ( mini pinchser) & a elder sister Lady (local cross breed).