Saturday, July 26, 2008

After Our Showers

Faith & I just laze around on the rock to wait for Mama & Papa to take their showers

Someone's coming back from the shower

Faith waited patiently for her parents

Our Sentosa Outing

Mama is bringing me to the deeper side of the beach so I can swim back to shore like Faith

Faith & I are swimming together now

Faith is chasing me,she is so playful

Mama is bringing me back to the shore,see she was so proud of me when I start swimming

Faith is really a pro at the beach,she just love the water & swimming

She just can't get enough of the beach,see how happy she was

After swimming Faith pa gave us some water to qunish our thrist,lady's first

& me of course,I'm thristy too

Faith & her Papa

Faith & her Mama (& Mama is bringing me out to the deep again)

The Mamas & us (Faith & Cola)
MY happy day with Mama & Faith's Mama & Papa