Saturday, February 9, 2008

Me & the harness

Mama'a butt is so comforty....I feel sleepy already

Look how 'steady' I am when Papa hold me up

I feel so comforty with it,I jump for joy

Do I look like I'm taking wedding photo in tis pose.....

I'm on harness with leash & I feel comfortable with it

More Snap Shots

Smile a little smile for the handphone

Hhhmmm....tis place is safer and cosier

Wow that's quite a height...I dun think I wanna jump down

I wanna see how high I am

I'm on top of the sofa....

Feb Snap Shots

Ok I smile for u....heehee

I'm getting sleepy....

I do like to moved abt on the sofa

I moved to another cushion on the sofa

I wanna run off.....but.....I'm on the sofa

I looked away.....
Do I look big in tis snap shot?