Thursday, January 1, 2009

The new drama 'Hello Beautiful'

Cola: Hello beautiful,do you come here often?
Bibi: Go away,I wanna be alone.

Cola: Come on baby,give me a kiss.
Bibi: no & please go away.

Cola: Oh so you wanna play hard to get is it?

Cola: Ok,I just have to use my 'good' leg to step on you for a kiss.

Bibi: Please don't step on me okok just a tiny kiss.
Cola: That's my gal.

Cola: Oh I'm caught in the act.
Bibi: Mama..... help me....

Are you taking my photo?

Hello,you taking my photo?

Ok I'll sit for you.

Oh I love tummy rub

Posing for the camera

How do I look in this angle?

Or this way?
Ok I'm tired now