Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just the 3 of us

Another shoot mama manage to get. See us playing at my brother & sister's blog.....

This is the 1st time mama is able to take all 3 of us together......Staying still

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Me & the bed

Ok....I have enough fun,can I come down now?

It's a comfortable place to be in

I'm getting comfortable on the bed

My 1st time on papa & mama's bed

Piggy & me

Piggy feel right at home in my bed

I love biting piggy's tail.....I think it taste like a snack

Then I found his tail

I started biting on to piggy's nose

I'm not on mama & papa's bed so she can take my picture closer & clearer

Mama tie the elastic string & bell on piggy's ear to attract my attention

Tis is piggy,a gift from my god parents,yoshi & browine ma & pa

Monday, January 14, 2008

See me stand tall

Mama got me this lobster toy which is actually for cats but I just love it.....

I am 43cm tall and my waist is 21cm......

I am so happy to play with my lobster toy........

See how straight I can stand......

Having fun with my brother

Come on.....let's play brother Zinny I love your brother

See how I conquer my brother.......hahaha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

After my 2nd jab

I now weigh 1.2kg. Mama was so suprised by the increase of my weight that she requested a 2nd weighing just to make sure....hahaha

See my new big toilet roll toy & some milk cookies left on my pillow,I'm so active I'm not sleepy at all.

You can see that I gave mama a hard time to take a clear shot of me

After my 2nd jab I went home & play with my bottle cap

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My new bed

I just got my new bed today,but mama only let me stay in it for photo taking together with my new toy ball.
Then she just kept everything in the storeroom and said I will only get the new ball and bed when I am older.... I'm so looking forward to be grow up so I can sleep in the bed & play with the ball.....

My sleep post

I just love my afternoon naps.....

When the weather is warm, I like sleeping on the floor....

I started to relax most.....

This was how I slept when I first came to the family.

My 'Toys" for the past months

A rug.....

A strip of plastic......

A toilet roll....

A straw......